Monday, 21 July 2014

Dancing On Knives by Kate Forsyth ~ Review

Title:                Dancing On Knives
Author:            Kate Forsyth
Publisher:        Random House Australia
Date                02 June 2014

A damaged family and their generations of dangerous secrets

At twenty, Sara is tormented by an inexplicable terror so profound she hasn't left her home in five years. Like the mermaid in the fairytale her Spanish grandmother once told her, Sara imagines she is Dancing on Knives, unable to speak. She feels suffocated by her family, especially her father – the famous artist Augusto Sanchez – whose volcanic passions dominate their lives.

Then one stormy night, her father does not come home. His body is found dangling from a cliff face. Astonishingly, he is still alive, but the mystery of his fall can only be solved by the revelation of long-held family secrets.

At once a suspenseful murder mystery and a lyrical love story, Dancing on Knives is about how family can constrict and liberate us, how art can be both joyous and destructive, and how strength can be found in the unlikeliest places 

Well I knew from the cover it would be very different from the other books I've read by Kate Forsyth, and it was, but I was never disappointed.

This books story happens over the Easter weekend but because of all the memories that we relive with Sara we learn so much history for all the characters that everyone is so well known. The past is slowly unravelled piece by piece revealing histories, some better left in the past, others that help define the characters.

Like all the books I've read by Kate Forsyth it's easy to be there in the story and see it all as it is happening, the writing is beautiful and flowing, easy to read and keep up with.

A beautifully written piece that I'd read again.

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