Sunday, 4 May 2014

Pretty Revealing (7)

So I know I have been rather lazy with my cover reveals. Sorry about that. I'm probably always last to know! 
But now, for your convenience I have them all in one easy to see place! TaDa!!

So first up we have Atlantia by Ally Condie. This is to be a standalone novel I believe. The cover is interesting, a shell and a ripple, not giving much away

Next we have Whisper the Dead by Alyxandra Harvey book 2 of the Lovegrove Legacy. Look at that swirly blue mess, isn't it pretty.

The Cure For Dreaming by Cat Winters, this cover is intriguing and I am told by many to hurry up and read her previous book and add this to the to get list.

Dawn Metcalf's Invisible, book 2 of the Twixt. I have no idea what this series is about and that horse piece isn't saying read me like the pretty flower on Indelible.

Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire. Peacock feathers are always beautiful, and the blue behind it just makes it stand out even more.

Trial By Fire by Josephine Angelini, book 1 of the new series. This is actually the UK cover that has recently been revealed. Is that fire hair I see?

Blue Lily, Lily Blue book 3 of The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. This cover is just pretty, all lovely greens and such. Haven't read the previous books in this series, but it's different not seeing straight up birds.

Sarah J. Maas has revealed the cover for Heir Of Fire, the next Throne of Glass book. Now I know I have two covers here, one is the UK version and the other is USA. Please don't ask me which is which I have drawn a blank. It doesn't really matter, they are both so pretty.

Do any of these covers give you the grabby hands?
 I think they're all very pretty myself and I would like them all because I am a hoarder of pretty books.


  1. I had no idea that Ally Condie was releasing a new book, awesome! Will have to head onto PTA and see if I can dig anything up about it. Have you read the Matched series? I really enjoyed it, definitely up there with my favorites. Thank you so much for sharing, I would never had know this was coming out :)

    1. I haven't actually read them yet, they are sitting and waiting like so many others. glad I could help add more books to your own ever-growing pile/wish list.