Saturday, 31 May 2014

Release Date Confusion

So I was just finishing up my June release post when this happened (cause this month I was nice and supplied links)

 Ok so I found my book, oh yeah comes out June 24th.. or does it!!!

I looked at other editions, I hovered over them all to find that one had a different date.
It was Harlequin TEEN instead of Teen.. so I clicked on it, and sure enough it is the Australian version I needed, which isn't out until July 1st! so it shouldn't have been in my June new releases technically for me.

I've been using but a few times it has let me down. I got all excited for the release of The Forever Song, only to get sad when the Aussie shops said I couldn't have it for another 2 weeks!

Don't get me started on the release dates for The Caller by Juliet Marillier, she says the print edition is coming out in June

It knows I live in Australia, but is there a way for it to show me the Australian version of the books first
If there is and I just haven't seen it in all this time please smack me..
I don't want to figure out which is the right version, I want the computer to do the work or is that too much to ask…

So my question is how do you find out when a book is set to be released (in your country)?
Do you just trust one website or do you check the retail stores etc… 


  1. Well, Goodreads IS American, so I guess that's why it shows the American editions first. ;) I'm okay with that fact, I'm just conscious the release dates are usually different. I didn't really Reboot came out SO much later in Oz then in USA.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

    1. Sometimes I forget to check for the difference.. I was more having a rant I think because I just want goodreads to do the work for me