Sunday, 26 January 2014

Weekly Ramblings (1)

OK so I have decided to on a new post that I will do weekly. I have called it weekly ramblings.(I don't know if this is already out there somewhere) It is basically so I don't make lots of silly posts like my nanananana heat wave post. (I tell you the heat was getting to me) This is where I will post all those random annoying thoughts that I have that I want to tell someone about. And then I will publish it on Sundays.
Gosh, don't look so worried!

I just finished reading A Kiss In Time and every time Jack said his name full name Jack O'neill I thought of Colonel Jack O'neill of SG1, that's right two l's (holds up three fingers)

This is definitely not the right image to have in ones head when they're meant to be seeing a 17 year old boy!
I absolutely love/d Stargate!

I've also been wondering if I was to make a Facebook page for my blog would people I am friends with know that I had made a page? because I don't want them to, I haven't told anyone I started this blog, because normally when I tell people I am doing/going to do something I don't do it. And well I can handle random people seeing what I write, might not be the same if someone I know reads it then talks to me about it! (so if you know me in person don't tell me you know!)

see it wasn't that bad!

Well it always could be worse next time

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