Saturday, 1 March 2014

March New Releases 2014

Here are just a few of the books being released this month. The books that I have selected have either been on my to read list since I heard about them, are from authors that I've previously read or they've had only good reviews from fellow blogsvillians.

What are you excited for this month?
Did I miss some that should be added to my own list?


  1. I compiled a March list on my blog too with anything that sounds even remotely like something I would be interested in, but still left out some of yours it seems. Forgot about Murder of crows, and the last Bane chronicles novella. What about Side effects may vary as a 'reverse cancer story'? Or The mirk and midnight hour by Jane Nickerson? That's a fairy tale retelling I'm very much looking forward to.

    1. I just looked up those two books and they sounds great! more books to try and get my hands on! I didn't look at them because the covers didn't jump at me (I'm all about covers)
      I also looked at Promise of Shadows and want that too!
      Another book I missed in my post above would have to be Alpha Goddess by Amalie Howard, totally forgot it! so much for my lists I keep!