Thursday, 20 March 2014

Vampire Academy Book and Movie Review

Title:          Vampire Academy
Series:        Vampire Academy
#:                     1
Author:     Richelle Mead


Last night I left the cinema feeling a little (a lot) disappointed. This movie had so much potential and in my eyes it flopped.

Right from the opening scenes it was just all wrong. And from there it didn't get much better.
I must say when I read the book I pictured Dimitri as a hot badass, this guy in the movie was not him. When he walked into the movie making his big declaration I couldn't help but not like him.

Then we meet Miss Kirova, what are they trying to do to her? yes she is meant to be a bit of a bitch to Rose but the movie makes her out as some sort of evil lady with a vendetta against Rose herself.

I am still disappointed that the movie was so out of sync with the book, timing and incorrect scenes. Why oh why couldn't they just do it like the book.

Ok I did however like the way the we learnt the facts about Moroi and Strigoi and Damphir's. And I really liked Rose's character and the actress that was chosen to play her part did a pretty good job.

But that does not counteract the fact that the rest of the film needed a lot of work. I won't be holding my breath for the release of the movie on DVD or a sequel.


This was the second time I read the book and just like the first time I rather enjoyed it. It has a nice level of intrigue mixed in with a great story.

Every book needs a strong leading role and this book has Rose Hathaway, kickass guardian(or she really wants to be), and best friend of Lissa Dragomir, princess. Even at her lowest she takes each strike in her stride and holds her head high.

Then there is Rose's mentor Demitri Belikov. Hot badass russian brought in by the Academy as a guardian for Lissa ( a real one) and ends up as Rose's trainer then mentor and then as all teenage girls are bound to do, her crush.

The story starts up with Lissa and Rose being found by the academy and brought back, but they're not saying why they left. they're not saying much at all. They have their secrets and so does everyone around them. And Rose is determined to uncover them and learn about herself, being a guardian and the one she wants to guard, Lissa.

The story is nicely paced, (never a dull moment when you're reading about Rose Hathaway) with a nice level of intrigue with pieces of information nicely placed when needed for more intrigue or for the story to continue, (or Rose to kick someones butt). A must read for vampire fans.


Stick to the books
If you read the book then watched the movie as my friend and I did, you may have been going WTF the whole time. and Noo Noo. Just read the book again and all will be fixed.

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